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There are things about me that you do not know and some that you probably never will.


That’s the funny thing about memory, it fades. It is not that I am trying to hide anything from you, it is more that I have somehow hidden these things, these details of my life, from myself. Nothing haunts me though, nothing from my past has me concerned for my future. Even after reckless decisions and pain that I caused to so many along my path, there is nothing that holds me back in regret. I feel that I have always been able to walk away and say that my choices were for the best, that I was able to grow from these decisions that once paralyzed me. Though the details may be long gone…there is nothing hovering over me.

I need that from someone else, from my other half…from you. No matter how complicated and undesirable the situation may have been, I need to know about the ghosts that haunt you. Honesty here is needed, even when it hurts. We are all humans who have learned to grow and thrive from pain.

At the end of it all, I crave someone to grow with me, to blossom and chase these never-ending dreams. Someone who, at the end of a long day, I am almost as relieved as I am happy to see. I need that push to keep me at my very best, to keep me motivated when all of the odds are stacked up against me in the worst of ways. Having my back and fighting by my side are musts. In turn, I need to be able to support you, to fuel your hopes and desires that you have gained through your life – be not a ball and chain, but a rock to keep you centered when the chaos ensues. We need to be a team, able to function in our own ways independently and coming together for something even greater.

We cannot fall in love if we do not accept the failures, the setbacks, and the short-comings of another. I am asking you to accept mine and to help me be a better person, and in turn I want the same for you.