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Car idilng,

The driveway felt like a trap.

A voice in the back of her head

Egged her on,

The other pressed her to go inside.

Decision –


They hardly seemed to matter as she took her hands off the wheel,

Throwing her body violently back into the seat,

Letting the weight of it all crash into her.

Future, past, present.

It all swirled together,

A never ending stream of choices and regret.

Angrily, she wiped the tears from the edges of her eyelashes,

She wouldn’t let it get to her this time.

Why bother?

Why try?

It was so much easier to just throw the car in drive,

To run away from something that never mattered.

Not to him.

False promises and dead-end hope.

She breathed in heavily,

Shuddering to keep back the sobs that longed to echo out.