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She did not choose this, you know – to feel this way. Especially when it came to you. Never before had she felt the pain of having her heart torn in two different directions, two different paths that would lead her to a vastly different place than where she stood in tears with the weight of a wrong decision resting on her shoulders. The worst part of it all was that you were forcing her to choose, to make a decision as quickly as she could in order to regret it in the fastest possible way. She did not, and would not despise you for it, that was not who she was deep down. The blame was all her own, putting herself in such a position had been an error of character, not of an outside factor.

So, you stand there. Demanding an answer that she is not ready to give out.

What is it you will do?

Will you walk away after all of this is done, a smile plastered stupidly to your face that you will never be able to shake?

Will you be able to look at her the same way when it is all through?

Will you allow her the chance to blossom and grow in the way that she needs without the distraction of an ivy intertwining and pulling her down?

Will you sacrifice everything to make her happy, even if just for a moment?

The answer to any of these would be no. You cannot and will not, because she will never give you the chance.

You forced her to choose, to make this gut wrenching decision all her own, and at the end of the day, she will always choose him.