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I cradle my cup of coffee.

Sometimes it feels like it is the only thing that can keep me warm on mornings like this.

I’m missing you; it’s horribly obvious. Your smile, your laugh, the way that you can look at things with such intensity as to stop the world from spinning. If this isn’t love, it’s something much stronger. Finding you was a chance, and far from a mistake. I cannot help but smile  as I let tears endlessly sit in the corners of my eyes – inching their way out. It is a terrible thing to miss someone, but I have the safety of knowing that you will be back. It is a wonderful thought and the thing that keeps me going, sitting here thinking about you every morning as I let the caffeine sink its way through my body, absorbing into the depths and slowly getting me to stir. It seems to be the one time that I can sit and let all of these thoughts rush through, the one time that I cannot be distracted by anything else.

My entire body seems to fold around that one center, that one cup of coffee that seems to keep everything going in motion.

I take a sip.