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He traced the outline of her lips, gently enough to avoid waking her and firmly enough to send him into a wave of memory from the night before. What she had done with those lips – how easily something that seemed so insignificant could arouse him in such a way. Intrigued, he had just sat there, every ounce of his being screaming at him to beg for more, praising him for nothing less. He sighed, she was something else and everything that he could ever ask for.

Pressing his lips to hers once more, he waited for silence, ensuring her slumber before he carefully climbed out of the bed. It did not take him long to pull on clothes from the night before that smelled only of her. He stood a moment longer to admire her beauty, as though that of a bystander looking at a magnificent piece of art that spoke only to him. She seemed nothing short of perfection and he felt on top of the world. He would have only felt more so had he made the decision to call her his own; the fall had not taken long, he was certain of that much.

Carefully he opened the door and took a step into what could only be described as his future; all of his tomorrow’s would only stem from here. He closed the door after a moment, leaving without a whisper or another thought.

Somewhere in the back of his mind she woke – alone, confused, forgotten.